Our Puerto Vallarta Local Attractions

Explore What to Do to Experience the Beauty of Puerto Vallarta

Buenaventura Grand Hotel & Great Moments Puerto Vallarta is in the ideal location for you to enjoy a wide variety of tourist attractions around the city. Situated near shopping destinations and vibrant nightlife, you can experience popular sites to make your visit unforgettable. If you need any suggestions about things to do, our concierge will provide suggestions or make arrangements so that you can see the most interesting places across Puerto Vallarta. 

Statue in El Malecon walkway near Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa

El Malecon (Seaside Boardwalk)

Take a leisurely stroll down the paved walkway along downtown Puerto Vallarta's shore, where you'll find shopping, restaurants, and a vibrant taste of local Mexican culture. Remodeled in 2011, the Malecon is now exclusively for pedestrians, offering a safe, fun, and interesting family excursion with various attractions and sculptures to explore.

Calming view of Los Arcos Island near Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa

Los Arcos

Witness the beauty of "Los Arcos de Mismaloya," small islands just south of Puerto Vallarta. A popular day trip destination, these islands attract snorkelers, tourists, and scuba divers with their scenic photo opportunities and impressive natural biodiversity above and below water. Explore the islands' tunnels that give them their name. 

People enjoying Vallarta Botanical Garden near Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa

Vallarta Botanical Gardens

Although located south of Boca de Tomatlán and Mismaloya, the Vallarta Botanical Gardens offer a rewarding experience. Explore various walking routes, an orchid garden, and a small river on the property. The gardens also boast one of the best restaurants in the area, providing a tranquil escape. 

A paining in Museo Manuel Lepe near Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa

Museo Manuel Lepe

Celebrate the work of Manuel Lepe, a prominent local artist, at the Museo Manuel Lepe run by his wife and daughter. Displaying Lepe's cherished paintings, historic documents, and souvenirs, the museum offers insight into the artist's love for the region.

Vibrant view of Mismaloya Beach near Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa

Mismaloya Beach

Visit Mismaloya, a small village on the coast of Bahía de Banderas, south of Puerto Vallarta. Known for its meaning "a place where they grab fish with their hands," Mismaloya lies on Highway 200. Explore the village with its clear waters, sandy beaches, and natural pools formed by rocks, offering a glimpse of vibrant marine life.

Seahorse Statue at Las Pilitas near Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa


Discover Las Pilitas (Baptismal Font), a sea-level rock formation at the south end of Old Vallarta's Los Muertos Beach. Named after the natural landmark, a side street on Olas Altas in Old Vallarta pays homage to this location. View the original "El Caballito de Mar" sculpture and enjoy the coastal beauty. 

Girl playing with a dolphin at Aquaventuras Park near Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa

Aquaventuras Park

Located on the way to Nuevo Vallarta, Aquaventuras Park offers a family-friendly water park experience. With ten waterslides, a sea lion show, and opportunities to swim with dolphins, the park provides a relaxing environment for visitors to enjoy the sun and water attractions. 

Conchas Chinas Beach with clear blue-green water near Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa

Conchas Chinas Beach

Experience the secluded Playa Conchas Chinas (Chinese Shells Beach), south of El Púlpito on the south end of Los Muertos Beach. Regarded as one of the most beautiful locations in Puerto Vallarta, this beach offers clear blue-green waters, beige sand, and natural pools formed by rocks. Enjoy water activities and savor the beauty of this pristine beach. 

Aerial view of Amapas Beach near Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa

Amapas Beach

Located south of El Púlpito, Amapas Beach is a semi-hidden gem accessible by a path from the end of Los Muertos Beach. Less crowded and more intimate, Amapas Beach provides a tranquil space for family outings or romantic getaways. 

Tiger resting on the ground in Vallarta Zoo near Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa

Vallarta Zoo

Nestled in a lush tropical jungle in the valley ending with Mismaloya, the Puerto Vallarta Zoo offers an exotic experience. Surrounded by rivers and mountains, the zoo allows visitors to pet and touch many animals, offering a unique and interesting alternative to traditional zoos.

Pottery and embroidered clothing items in Isla Cuale Flea Market near Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa

Isla Cuale Flea Market

Discover this expansive flea market located by the northern shore of the Cuale River in downtown Puerto Vallarta. Easily accessible from the main square, the market spans a city block along the riverbanks, known as Mercado Municipal Río Cuale. Explore two stories of vendors offering pottery, jewelry, embroidered clothing, souvenirs, and more. Bargain hunters will find affordable crafts, and don't miss the second floor for food stands. 

People enjoying Plaza De Armas near Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa

Plaza de Armas

The city's main plaza, Plaza de la Presidencia or Plaza de Armas, is the official center of political and cultural activities in Puerto Vallarta. Enjoy public concerts at the bandstand or amphitheater, surrounded by a two-story building housing government offices and the Vallarta tourist office. Admire a mural by local artist Manuel Lepe, located between the Puerto Vallarta Malecon at Los Arcos Amphitheatre and the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. 

People buying pastries in Old Town Farmers Market Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa

Old Town Farmers Market 'Tianguis Cultural'

Experience one of Puerto Vallarta's best weekend attractions at the Old Town Farmers Market, open every Saturday from November to May. Located at Parque Hidalgo, this producer-only market offers fresh local produce and a variety of handmade items. Relocated from its previous venue, it's a must-visit for locals and expats seeking quality products. 

Sunset view of Los Muertos Beach near Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa

Los Muertos Beach

Discover the most popular and visited beach in Puerto Vallarta, located south of the Malecon and the Cuale River in the Romantic Zone. With the completion of the pier, this beach has become even more popular, offering warm waters and gentle tides. Enjoy sun, sand, and surf on the vibrant shores of Los Muertos Beach. 

Evening view of Marina Vallarta near Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa

Marina Vallarta

Stroll Marina Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta, a picturesque waterfront district known for its vibrant marina, upscale resorts, and diverse dining and shopping options. With a lively atmosphere, visitors can enjoy strolling along the boardwalk, exploring the luxury yachts, and indulging in a variety of recreational activities. 

Exterior view of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish near Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

Visit the iconic Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, a beloved landmark inviting thousands during the December feast of Guadalupe. The church hosts wonderful activities, attracting tourists and locals alike with its rich Mexican traditions. The skyline of Puerto Vallarta is adorned by this architectural gem, celebrated as one of the Illustrious Sons of Puerto Vallarta.