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Immerse yourself in Shakti Spa and discover a total relaxation experience. Our couple’s cabins, equipped with air conditioning, are designed for your maximum comfort while you enjoy the sound of the waves and gentle aromas.

Every detail is carefully designed to offer you total spiritual and physical harmony. Enjoy an atmosphere that combines the relaxing sound of the waves and the sea breeze with warm tones and aromas that stimulate your senses.

Our couple’s cabins, equipped with air conditioning, ensure an intimate and comfortable experience, allowing your mind and body to completely relax.

Indulge in massages, exfoliations, facials, and therapeutic body treatments designed to rejuvenate tired and stressed bodies. Experience the ultimate pampering with options like a four-hand massage, copal exfoliation, deep exfoliation, or a luxurious mocha treatment.

Service: from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

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